Research Vessel:(R/V) Bat-Galim is the Israeli National Research Vessel operated by IOLR (Isreal Oceanographic and Limnological Research). It was recently refitted and carries state of the art marine survey equipment, including Dynamic Positioning capabilities and the following hull mounted gear; The hydrographic bridge of the R/V Bat-Galim incorporates the most recent navigation and data processing computers and systems: Two Lenovo P500 Workstations. Hypack navigation software, Kongsbers SIS acquisition software, CARIS HIPS&SIPS, QPS Fledermaus PRO, ArcGIS 10.4.

  • High resolution multibeam Kongsberg EM302 (2×2 deg.) 30kHz (for depths of 200-7000 m) and high resolution Kongsberg EM2040 (0.7×0.7 deg.) 200-400kHz (for depths of 5-400 m);
  • High-resolution Knudsen 3×3 chirp 3260 Dual Channel 3.5 kHz & 12/200 kHz echosounder and sub-bottom profiler. Positioning: Kongsberg Seapath 330 and Trimble BX982 GPS; DGNSS (real-time positioning corrections) Fugro MarineStar HP/XP; Motion Sensor: Kongsberg Seapath 330 MRU 5.
  • Available towed/deployed equipment:
  1. Single channel Sparker system for seismic reflection with a Geospark 2000X power source (2.5KJ) with a Geosource 400 (sparker acoustic source) – capable of retrieving seismic penetration of up to 300 m of sediment.
  2. Multi-channel seismic Sparker system: Geo Sense UHR 48 Channel streamer with a Multi-Trace (48 channels) acquisition server recording system.
  3. Magnetics: Geometrics G-882 Magnetometer.
  4. Coring: Piston Corer 1,3,6,9 meters,
  5. Box Corer,
  6. Grab Corer 50kg.
  7. Tracking: LinkQuest TrackLink 5000LR USBL (submarine acoustic tracking/positioning system).
  • The John K Hall archive at IOLR has two Lenovo workstations with the following software available: multibeam data processing and analysis software (QPS Fledermouse, QPS Qimera); ArcGIS 10.4 Geographic Information system.
  • Seismic data processing software for the Sparker seismics (Radex Pro).
  • Seismic data interpretation software for the Sparker seismics (GeoSuite Allworks).
  • Vectrino Profiler 100 Hz 3D 3cm range profiling velocimeter, 1 mm vertical resolution, Nortek.