Mor holds a PhD in Geophysics (awarded 2016 from the department of Geosciences, Tel Aviv University). Since 2016 he is working as a researcher in the department of Marine Geology and Geophysics in Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR).


Mor Kanari is a marine geologist with solid background and experience in geophysics, neo-tectonics and paleoseismology. He has been planning and conducting marine geophysics and geological surveys since 2010 in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee.


His main interests are shallow seismics, paleoseismology, sedimentology, seafloor geomorphology and its relations to bio habitats. He specializes in marine seismic data acquisition and Geo-Informatics (GIS based mapping and analysis). Mor is involved in projects dealing with shaping processes of the seafloor and their impact on human society and infrastructure, such as quantitative seafloor morphology and sediment transport systems in the Mediterranean, as well as research on potential geo-hazard, like earthquakes and submarine slumping.


Department of Marine Geology and Coastal Processes
Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR)
Tel-Shikmona, P.O.B. 8030 
Haifa 31080