6-9 May 2018, IOLR, Haifa


Principal investigators:

  • Fabrizio Pepe (UNIPA, Palermo, Italy);
  • Mor Kanari (IOLR, Israel).

Scientific investigators:

  • Gideon Tibor (IOLR, Israel);
  • Pierfrancesco Burrato (INGV, Roma, Italy);
  • Carla Faraci (UNIME, Messina, Italy);
  • Luigi Ferranti (UNINA, Napoli, Italy);
  • Carmelo Monaco
    (UNICT, Catania, Italy);
  • Attilio Sulli (UNIPA, Palermo, Italy).
  • Nicolo Parrino (UNIPA);
  • Marcella Perricone (UNIPA);
  • Samanta Buttò (UNIPA).

Invited representatives:

  • Barak Herut (IOLR Director General);
  • Zvi Ben-Avraham (Head of Merci–Mediterranean Sea Research Center of Israel).

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR)

  • 972-4-8515202
  • 972-4-8511911
  • http://www.ocean.org.il

GIS database platform completion

Some GIS layers of seismic lines and meta-data (mostly from Israel) are required to be sent to the database managers for its completion. The following GIS layers/ascii data will be sent to Fabrizio: Seismic lines, 250m bathymetry, active faults map, magnetic map, Study area in north Israel polygon (water depths 50-150 m).

Project Blog / publicity

IOLR general info, logo, link to ISRAMAR website and IOLR website, photos and descriptions of the laboratories in IOLR (including R/V Bat-Galim) will be sent to Fabrizio/blog manager as materials for the web blog.

Marine survey

The marine survey is planned for October 2018. Some technical details were discussed regarding the organization of the oceanographic survey.

Lab experiments

The experiments at Carla Faraci’s lab in Messina are planned to take place late June 2018. The time scaling and other characteristics of the experiment were discussed.