I’m a Sicilian guy with the passion for the geology, informatics and for all the fields that can put these two wonderful worlds in contact. I graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Palermo (Italy) cum laude in 2016 with a master degree thesis about petrophysical properties and Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) modelling of Jurassic thigh limestone. I have currently obtained a scholarship within EPAF project for the production of 3D outcrop models and geo-spatial analysis.


My passion for computer science and my studies led me to obtain basic knowledge on MATLAB language programming, close-range photogrammetry, 3D model construction (on the basis on both Lidar and photogrammetric points cloud), satellite image analysis and web-site building. During the master degree thesis period, I had the chance to deepen my knowledge about geologic field surveys, fracture mechanics and quantitative structural geology field techniques. Also thanks to the collaboration with researchers of the University of Palermo, Turin and Potenza I had the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in petrographic optical microscope analysis, cathodoluminescence analysis, microstructural fracture analysis and scanning electron microscope (SEM). EPAF experience is allowing me to improve my skills in Lidar morphometric analysis (especially about the fluvial network), in creation of complex spatial data infrastructures and Web-GIS building.


My research interests are about fractures/faults mechanics and fault rock analysis applied to rock – geofluids/rock interactions. Moreover, I’m interested to geo-spatial analysis and it’s application to the active tectonics.


Nicolò Parrino, MSc
Department of Science of Earth and Sea
University of Palermo
Via Archirafi, 22
90123 Palermo
  • +39 3385256102
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