Born in Palermo on June 13, 1975, I graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Palermo (Italy) in 2000. After my degree, I studied Territorial planning for one year in Naples; this period allowed me to learn the most modern GIS analysis techniques and EU funds management. Since 2003, I worked as a freelance GIS analyst for the Italian Environment Minister, for the Sicilian Government and for the University of Palermo. These experiences have given me the possibility to work in high skilled multidisciplinary team like the EPAF project team. 


I am senior GIS Analyst with wide experience in geo-database building and in EU funding consulting. My main skills concern to the cartographic representation of a wide range of environmental problems and geo-hazard such as landslides, desertification, water resources, landfill and thematic maps.

Moreover, thanks to national project such as PON-Siglod, Water Management Plan, Floods Risk Management Plan, Desertification Management Plan, Landslides Management Plan, I have acquired expertise in the management of EU funds granted for project about environmental problems.

Furthermore, my career allowed me to improve my team working skills.


I have held the course “GIS-techiniques as support of decision maker” for three years at the University of Palermo.


My applied research refers to scientific study that seeks to solve practical problems that have impact in the society. My research topics are about both the development of innovative GIS analysis methodologies for solving a wide range of environmental problems especially the geo-hazards and the production and development of original environmental dataset.


Marcella Perricone, MSc
Department of Science of Earth and Sea
University of Palermo
Via Archirafi, 22
90123 Palermo
  • +39 3475530791
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