I graduated in Hydraulic Civil Engineering at University of Catania, Italy, summa cum laude (1998). I was visiting scientist at Department of Environmental Engineering – University of Genoa, Italy, (2000) and at Department of Hydrodynamics and Water Resources – Denmark Technical University (2000). In 2002 I obtained the title of Philosophy Doctor, University of Catania (XIV cycle of the Ph.D. in Hydraulic Engineering, organized by the Universities of Catania – Administrative center -, Cosenza, Palermo and Reggio Calabria.) discussing my phD thesis “Geometry, migration and evolution of sea wave ripples”. From 2002 to 2014 I was Assistant Professor at University of Messina in the sector “ICAR/01 – Hydraulics”, belonging to Department of Civil Engineering, once Department of Constructions and Advanced Technologies. I achieved the national scientific license during 2012 in the macrosector 08/A1. Since the 1st of november 2014 I am associate professor at University of Messina.


As a coastal engineer I took part to several national and European funded projects (PRIN, POR, PRA; SEDMOC, SANDPIT, HYDRALAB, etc.) related to my scientific interests, i.e. coastal hydro-morphodynamics. In 2018 I was principal investigator of the European TA Project “WINGS – Waves plus currents INteracting at a right anGle over rough bedS” funded by EC through the Hydralab+ Program. I was also scientific manager of several projects and consultancies with local authorities related to coastal protection. Since 2006 I ‘ve taken care of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Constructions Laboratory, starting from the acquisition of funds for its design and building. Since 2009 I am the manager of the Laboratory.


Since September 2002 I’ve been lecturing at the following courses:

1. Hydrodynamics (Degree in Naval Engineering) from 2002/03 to 2009/10.

2. Hydraulics (Degree in Civil Engineering) from 2006/07 to date.

3. Advanced Hydraulics (Master Degree in Civil Engineering) in 2004/05, 2005/06 and 2008/09.

4. Advanced Hydraulics (Degree in Civil and Building Engineering) from 2011/12 to date.

5. Maritime Hydraulics for coastal protection (Master Degree in Civil Engineering) from 2005/06 to 2009/10 and from 2016/17 to date.

I was tutor and co-tutor of several Master and PhD theses, concerning coastal engineering topics, such as the evolution of sandy beds under regular and irregular waves, the analysis of the flow field generated by superimposed waves and currents, the statistical properties of sandy bed roughness, etc. Since 2013 I am member of the Teachers Committee of the Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, organized by the University of Reggio Calabria.


The research activity, documented by more than eighty papers, published in referred journals (Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Waterways, Coast Port and Ocean Engineering, Journal of Geophysical Research, Physics of Fluids, Coastal Engineering, Measurement), books or presented at national and international conferences, refers to hydro- and morphodynamic processes occurring in the coastal zone, and it is mainly focused on the following research lines:

1. analysis of the scour processes generated by an oscillating flow at the base of vertical structures (piles) ;

2. investigation on the formation and evolution of small scale bedforms in the coastal zone;

3. study of the run-up over beaches and steep structures;

4. analysis of the bed roughness induced by a sandy bottom to the flow;

5. analysis of the wave-current interaction in the presence of small scale bedforms.

6. shear stress estimate through bioluminescence and ferrofluids.

7. hydrodynamics and morphodynamics induced by the presence of waves and currents on a submarine sand pit.

8. study of wave-structure interaction and estimate of wave reflection induced by coastal structures.


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